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About Lev Kinaesthetics

Lev Kinaesthetics is a unique company, founded by Bat-Sheva (Batschi) Shuker Cosman in 2010. Batschi’s goal is to bring her warm and open personality into each one of her training courses. Her understanding of human nature is reflected in her courses, and her long-lasting friendships with her students. For Batschi, it is important that she gives her students a piece of her heart, so they can bring this warmth to their own patients.aboutlev-250

Batschi’s interest in Kinaesthetics began in 1985 while she was working as a nurse. Since 1986, she has worked in several hospitals and nursing homes around Zurich. Even today she stays in close contact with the healthcare industry, as she still works part-time in a nursing home in Zurich. In 2001, she realized the limitations of traditional patient care and was looking for a newer and gentler way to provide care to patients. This search brought her to the teaching of Kinaesthetics. After completing all required training courses, she began applying her acquired knowledge. Since then she has conducted a variety of basic courses, workshops, refresher courses and “back-friendly” training courses.

In 2011 she successfully attended the course Level III. She achieved qualification for trainer courses and since she helped many trainers to progress in her advanced courses. 

Batschis unprecedented passion and dedication to Kinaesthetics is also reflected in her business innovation. To facilitate student learning, Batschi organizes her courses around the needs of their students, offering her courses in an on-site, modular format.

All of the theoretical and practical courses are offered several times a year, giving the students a greater opportunity to participate.

The basic course in Kinaesthetics gives students a strong foundation in Kinaesthetics methodology. Refresher courses consolidate the previously learned knowledge with practical experiences, giving graduates greater confidence and a deeper understanding of Kinaesthetics.

The “back-friendly” course not only focuses on performing gentle back movements, but also incorporates the whole body for balanced and gentle behaviors.

Tips for everyday challenges, including job limitations, patient care or leisure activities are offered.

Batschi regularly works practical with patients. If you like her to come to you or other patients just call in or email.