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Advanced Course:

Kinaesthetics in Health Care

With Kinaesthetics you will be able to consciously perceive and handle different aspects of one's own movements, and use these for your own health and development.

Course support is provided so that people who need care with their existing movement possibilities can actively and effectively participate in the events.

The advanced course is an educational process where caregivers learn to interact with and appropriately support their patients in order to improve their health.

This course is spread out over 4 days, so there is enough time to implement these new ideas into everyday life in order to adapt and integrate course experiences.


Target Group:

Nurses / caregivers from all disciplines who have taken completed the Kinaesthetics Basic Course.


Course Objectives:

Participants will

  • have a deeper knowledge of Kinaesthetics theoretical concepts and practice
  • enhance their proficiency in motor skills
  • know their personal strengths and areas of improvement for the handling of patients.
  • use appropriate Kinaesthetics concepts for the patient's unique situation.
  • collaborate with colleagues to analyze and apply appropriate procedures for challenging situations.


Course Topics:

  • Interaction
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Human Movement
  • Effort
  • Human Functions
  • Environment

Course Cost:

700.-- CHF per participant, includes: 4 training days, course materials

  50.-- CHF per participant for towles and certificate