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What is Kinaesthetics?

Kinaesthetics supports people in need of care by the activation of one's perceptions and promoting quality of life. The awareness of the physical understanding and the learning process of one’s own movements lie at the core of Kinaesthetics. It is based on the research of feedback control and physical response behavior.

The dialogue with your body prepares you to work with various physical limitations. Kinaesthetics sees an efficient strength-movement behavior and attempts to integrate sensory-motor forces of the body. Participants in the basic course should have a higher body awareness and mental flexibility, so that the learning is deeper and can provide longer-term changes.

Translated Kinaesthetics is the art and science of motion perception. It promotes the development of one’s own movement, and offers a sophisticated analysis of human activities. This objective is achieved in two ways: through methods of conscious movement, and through the cognitive analysis of the theoretical foundations.